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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly

Imaging Cameras


PI's unique VersArray cameras feature large format CCD detectors for wide-area imaging. These high-tech systems also offer the lowest read and dark noise in the industry via cryogenic air cooling.

Features and Benefits
  • Lowest read noise in the industry
  • Lowest dark current using cryogenic cooling
  • >25mm x 25 mm CCD area for large field of view
  • 2048x2048 or 1340x1300 resolution
  • VersArray: 1300F/B supports offer low noise and high-capacity preamplifiers
  • USB2.0 plug-n-play interface
  • Fiber optic interface for remote operation
  Applications: Astronomy; Phosphor Imaging; Surface and Materials Analysis

NEW: 2048 x 2048 CCD is now supported in PIXIS platform. Visit the PIXIS page for more information.