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World's First Professional-Grade NIR Cameras

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NEW...... Introducing the world's first scientific NIR (InGaAs) camera!

Princeton Instruments is proud to introduce world’s first deep cooled, scientific grade InGaAs focal plane array camera. The camera is specifically designed to give the highest sensitivity for low light near infrared (NIR) imaging and spectroscopy applications. The camera is thermometrically cooled up to -90°C (Air or Liquid assisted) for maintenance free operation.

The PIoNIR InGaAs camera is set to become a valuable tool for challenging new applications ranging from nanotechnology to solar research.

Salient Features:

640x512 scientific grade InGaAs Array
NIRvana uses the latest generation InGaAs sensor with wavelength range of 0.9um-1.7um and a peak quantum efficiency of 80% for exceptional sensitivity. The InGaAs array offers ideal response in this range where standard Silicon CCD and CMOS detectors have low or no sensitivity.

CCS vs. InGaAs

Thermoelectric (TE) cooling up to -90C
NIRvana employs powerful, thermoelectric (TE) peltier cooler for up to -90
°C cooling to reduce dark current. This is done without the use of liquid nitrogen for maintenance-free operation. In addition, proprietary technologies are used to reduce unwanted ambient background contribution.

NIRvana's built-in fan can be turned off for vibration or thermally sensitive environments and liquid chiller or circulator can be used to maintain the sensor cooling.

AR coated, single vacuum window
NIRvana's NIR optimized AR coated vacuum window is the only optical element in the light path maximizing near infrared photon detection

Extended integration times
Low dark current and ambient background means, NIRvana can offer minutes of integration for high sensitivity.

State-of-the-art LightField acquisition software
NIRvana is fully supported by the latest LightField acquisition software for complete control over hardware functionality. Software offers automatic defect correction, background and flat-field correction, frame averaging and host of other features that researchers need to optimize the experiment.

Get complete information on LightField

Gigabit Ethernet
Operate remotely from up to 50m and from laptops (LightField acquisition software)

Near infrared wavelength range is proving useful a wide variety of fundamental and applied research studies including

  • Nanotube fluorescence
  • NIR astronomy
  • Photoemission microscopy
  • Quantum dot (QDot) research
  • Single oxygen detection
  • Photoluminescence
  • NIR transmission
  • Backside illumination
carbon nanotube research

"Single walled nanotube (SWNT)"
Image courtesy of Prof. R. Bruce Weisman, Rice University, Houston, TX


solar cell research

"Photoluminescence image of a textured solar cell"
Image courtesy of Dr. Steven Johnson, NREL, Golden, CO

Export License information:
Export of PIoNIR (2D InGaAs FPA camera) outside United States of America is subject to all applicable export

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