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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly

Pro512BK model available for Kinetics application

The ProEM: 512BK series of EMCCD cameras from Princeton Instruments are the most advanced EMCCD cameras on the market.
The eXcelon version of the ProEM: 512BK offers the lowest etaloning in the NIR, and enhanced QE in blue and red, while also featuring a high speed EM mode to capture fast kinetics, a low speed normal CCD mode with very low read noise for precision photometry applications, and advanced features such as solid baseline stability and linear EM gain control. These cameras are cooled to below -90° C using either air or liquid, or a combination of both, while the all metal, hermetic vacuum seals are warranteed for life – the only such guarantee in the industry – and feature the latest Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interface to allow remote operation over a single cable without the need for custom framegrabbers.

Kinetics: Need to capture a process with microsecond time resolution or at millions of frames per second in a burst? ProEM fully supports Kinetics -a special readout mode - right out of the box. By illuminating only a small portion of the sensor, a series of sub-frames can be captured and shifted in microseconds vastly increasing the time resolution.


ProEM offers Kinetics readout mode for microsecond time resolution. The mode requires that only a partial area is illuminated

Download Kinetics Readout for Fast Temporal Studies 

Download ProEM Pro521BK Data sheet

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