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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly


Cascade EMCCD Camera

PI's Cascade system received the Circle of Excellence Award at Photonics West 2003 as the world's first scientific grade EMCCD camera to boost signal directly on the CCD using on-chip multiplication gain.


Cascade: 128+:
Achieves unprecedented 510 full frames-per-second (>4000 frames/sec with reduced ROI) for ultra-fast imaging. Coupled with an advanced circular buffers feature for real-time frame access and a back-illuminated CCD with on-chip multiplication gain for ultra-low light sensitivity, Cascade:128+ delivers unmatched performance for high-speed, low-light imaging applications.

Cascade: 1K:
Our newest addition to the Cascade family, this design features a mega pixel sensor which delivers the highest resolution available from an EMCCD camera. Based on advanced virtual phase technology, the camera achieves sensitivity higher than typical front-illuminated cameras from UV to NIR.