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Princeton Instruments

Spectroscopy Cameras


No other spectroscopy CCD camera is
this cool, this quiet and this fast!

Now available with our revolutionary software:




Next-generation, liquid nitrogen-cooled, controllerless camera for spectroscopy.

PyLoN®, a new line of controllerless, cryogenically cooled CCD cameras designed for quantitative spectroscopy applications that demand the highest possible sensitivity.

In creating the new PyLoN platform, Princeton Instruments redesigned its industry-leading Spec-10 family of cameras to remove the external controller, increasing experimental flexibility while further improving the ultra-low-noise electronics. Liquid nitrogen cooling virtually eliminates dark current, and indium metal seals enhance vacuum longevity. Binning noise has been further reduced from the already low levels in the Spec-10 platform.


New! PyLoN-IR
PyLoN-IR replaces the OMA V InGaAs detector linear photodiode array camera and is the ideal camera for high-performance, near-infrared and SWIR spectroscopy. Two models are available with spectral coverage from 800 nm up to 2.2 µm. PyLoN-IR is responsive in UV and visible with high sensitivity from 800 nm to 1.7 µm or 1.0 to 2.2 µm. This InGaAs detector offers 16-bit digitization and leads the industry with the fastest spectral rate (up to 6600 spectra/sec) and lowest system read noise.


View the performance, specifications and links to datasheets.


Features and Benefits*

  • Supported by LightField® - PI's powerful 64-bit data acquisition software featuring patent-pending IntelliCal™ wavelength and intensity calibration packages and hardware timestamping.
  • No external controller - all electronics inside the camera head while maintaining the ultra-low noise performance.
  • More ADC speeds - 4X as fast as its predecessor’s 1 MHz top speed.
  • Indium metal seals - for improved vacuum longevity.
  • Ideal for low-light, long acquisition applications - including Raman, TERS, single molecule spectroscopy, photoluminescence and astronomy
  • GigE communication - permits remote operation up to 50 m. Download the GigE FIber Optic Interface Kit datasheet
  • Digital correlated double sampling - even lower noise
  • PI’s exclusive eXcelon technology - available on selected models
  • Reduced binning noise - optimizing it for spectroscopy applications
  • AR coatings from Acton Optics - available on windows

Selected models available with exclusive eXcelon technology eXcelon enabled
Princeton Instruments’ exclusive eXcelon technology delivers the highest sensitivity in the UV and NIR while suppressing etaloning that occurs in standard back-illuminated deep depletion or back-illuminated CCDs. Learn more about eXcelon.

New, powerful software
PyLoN cameras operate on 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft� Windows� operating systems and are fully supported by LightField�, Princeton Instruments� advanced 64-bit data acquisition software featuring patent-pending IntelliCal� wavelength and intensity calibration packages. Learn more about LightField

*Not all features and benefits apply to PyLoN-IR. Visit the datasheet page for complete details