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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly


Acton Beamsplitters


PI's Acton Optics include a variety of options for beam-turning, broadband reflection, multi-wavelength and heat blocking applications. Use the Request Pricing link to the right for a custom quotation for your requirement.

UV Laser Beamsplitters

Our multi-layer dielectric coatings are ideal for beamsplitting applications, laser cavity output couplers, and beam attenuators. These beamsplitter coatings are manufactured with extremely low absorption characteristics, and calibrated for reflectance and transmittance at the laser wavelength and angle of incidence specified to insure excellent performance in high power laser applications.

Standard beamsplitters are designed for random polarization. Beamsplitters can be optimized for horizontal "P" polarization or vertical "S" polarization if required. Contact the Optics Sales Department for ordering information.

PI offers Acton Optics anti-reflection coatings for the rear surface of beamsplitters, if required.

Broadband Metallic Beamsplitters

PI offers two types of broadband metallic beamsplitter coatings. These beamsplitters are designed for low power applications in either the vacuum UV (120-240nm) or the middle UV (170-300nm) spectral regions.