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Broadband Metallic Coatings

metallic mirrors and coatings

Product Overview

Acton Optics include a variety of broadband metallic mirror coatings for use in a variety of industrial and research applications.

Metallic Mirror Coatings Available:

Superior Broadband VUV-UV Performance - Acton Al+MgF2 Coatings
For nearly three decades, Acton Al+MgF2 high efficiency coatings have set the standard for broadband UV and VUV reflectance. These coatings are designed to offer superior reflectance at specific wavelengths listed below, with excellent broadband reflectance throughout the visible and near infrared. Each coating lot is measured for reflectance properties to insure excellent performance of every mirror supplied.

Our VUV-UV broadband coatings offer state-of-the-art reflectance as specified below, and approximately 88-90% reflectance throughout the UV and visible. The #1900 DUV Broadband Coating is optimized for 190-195nm as specified below, and = 85% reflectance for 200-600nm at normal incidence.

Durable Broadband Acton Al+SiO2 Coatings
The Acton #3000 is an Al+SiO2optical coating proven to withstand surface wiping with lens paper as well as exposure to humidity and moisture without degradation of performance. The coating has peak reflectance of approximately 92% at 250nm with good broadband reflectance throughout the near IR. It is well suited for N2 laser applications as well as certain analytical applications that require coating stability and durability.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized reflectance at specific VUV/UV wavelengths
  • High efficiency Al&MgF2 coatings offer state-of-the-art UV reflectance
  • Al+SiO2 offer excellent durability and broadband reflectance
  • Available on customer supplied material or as complete mirrors

Key Applications

  • DUV spectrophotometers
  • Ellipsometers
  • VUV/UV-based analytical instrumentation
Metallic Broadband Coatings
WavelengthDesignReflectance @ NI 
#1200Al+MgF278-83% @ 121.6nm view curve
#1570Al+MgF284-86% @157nm view curve
#1600Al+MgF284-86% @ 160.8nm view curve


Al+MgF2>/= 88% for 190-195nmview curve
#2000Al+MgF288-90% @ 200nm view curve
#2500Al+MgF292-94% @ 250nm view curve
#3000Al+SiO292% @ 250nm view curve

NEW...Durable, Protected and Enhanced Silver Coatings

Acton Protected and Enhanced Silver Coatings offer breakthrough levels of durability and reflectance. These dependable coatings can be manufactured to provide greater than 98% average reflectance over very broad bandwidths. These proprietary coatings are offered on a variety of substrates including diamond-turned aluminum and are the ideal choice for highest reflectivity from 500nm to 2µ. The excellent reflectance and durability can easily be extended out to 20 microns if required. Protected silver coatings also offer multi-spectral band performance so they can be used in both the visible and infrared spectrums simultaneously.

The longevity of the silver mirror coatings is maximized by the precise deposition of proprietary binder layers and dielectric overcoat layers carefully selected based on substrate choice and end user application. This enables the mirrors to have a uniquely long life and to be cleaned at the point of use, even in the harshest environments.

These robust, durable, protected silver coatings exceed the requirements of MIL-M-13508 and additionally pass the salt water immersion test of Mil-F-48616. The parts continue to meet specifications after these rigorous tests which also include humidity, temperature, adhesion, abrasion, and solubility.

Key Benefits

  • Multi-spectral broadband performance
  • High durability and long life
  • Robust - exceed Mil-Spec test requirements
  • Available on customer supplied material or as complete mirror
  • Advanced binder layer provides superior adhesion and lifetimes

Key Applications:

  • Military optics
  • Telescopes
  • Spaceflight hardware
  • Analytic instruments
  • Ultra-fast Ti:Sapphire lasers

Wavelength Range

% Reflectance View Curve
Protected Silver Coatings 500 - 2000 nm >98%view curves