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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly

Laser Optics

Acton Nd:YAG Laser Optics

Acton Optics Nd:YAG laser mirrors and coatings are optimized for high damage threshold and high durability tolerance. Acton Optics 266-FR45 mirrors, for example, provide >/= 98% reflectance and laser induced damage threshold of 4 - 7 J/cm2 (dependent on specific conditions). Our standard coatings, listed below, are available for fast delivery to laser manufacturers, system integrators and laser end users. High performance antireflection coatings are available for all the Nd:YAG wavelengths..

We are continuously improving our thin film designs and coating processes to meet the rigorous applications these and other markets:

  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Industrial
  • Research

Key Benefits

  • High damage thresholds
  • High durability tolerance
  • All Nd:YAG wavelengths: 212nm, 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm

Key Nd:YAG Applications

  • Medical: dentistry, opthalmology
  • Cosmetic: laser hair removal, spider vein treatment
  • Materials processing: cutting, welding, etching
Mirror Coatings
Wavelength%R at NI%R at 45 AOI Damage ThresholdCoating Curve
212nm>= 95%>= 92% view curve
266nm>= 98%>= 98%4 - 7 J/cm²view curve
355nm>= 99%>= 98%4 - 7 J/cm²view curve
532nm>= 99%>= 99% view curve
1064nm>= 99%>= 99% view curve

 Link to Acton standard mirror blanks

Nd:YAG Laser Antireflection Coatings

Our Nd:YAG antireflection coatings are durable electron-beam deposited dielectrics designed to minimize reflections that normally occur with uncoated surfaces. These low-absorption coatings are ideal for increasing the transmittance properties of lenses and for reducing second-surface reflections of beamsplitters. They offer high resistance to laser damage, making them suitable for high-energy laser usage. Coatings can be applied to customer-supplied material or provided on our substrates and lenses.

Listed below are standard Nd:YAG laser antireflection coatings with specifications and calibration curves for your reference:

Laser Wavelength
% R at NI Coating Curve
212nmview curve
266nmview curve
353nmview curve
532nmview curve
1064nmview curve

Link to Acton standard mirror blanks