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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly

Excimer Laser Optics



Acton Optics include the highest quality optical components for all excimer laser wavelengths, including:

We are continuously improving our thin film designs and coating processes to meet the rigorous applications these and other markets:

  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Industrial
  • Research

Excimer Laser Mirrors

Our high-power excimer laser mirrors are multi-layer dielectric coated mirrors designed for use with high energy excimer lasers. These coatings have yielded superior high damage thresholds. We maintain a stock supply of these beam-turning and normal incidence mirrors for fast delivery to your facility. Mirrors and coatings on Acton mirror blanks or customer supplied material can be produced and supplied in volume, keeping the price very competitive.

Key Benefits

  • Highest damage thresholds
  • Longest lifetimes
  • Wide variety of coatings available
  • All excimer wavelengths: 157nm, 193nm, 248nm, 308nm, 353nm

Key Applications

  • Excimer laser vision correction systems (LASIK)
  • Semiconductor laser and metrology systems
  • Materials processing applications
Standard Excimer Mirror Coatings
Wavelength%R at NI%R at 45 AOI Damage ThresholdCoating Curve
157nm>= 91%>= 89%0.3 - 0.75 J/cm2view curves
193nm>= 97%>= 97%1 - 2 J/cm2 view curves
248nm>= 98%>= 97%4 - 7 J/cm2view curves
308nm>= 98%>= 97%4 - 7 J/cm2view curves
353nm>= 99%>= 98%4 - 7 J/cm2view curves

 Link to Acton standard mirror blanks

Acton Optics multi-layer dielectric coatings are ideal for beamsplitting applications, laser cavity output couplers, and beam attenuators. These coatings are manufactured with extremely low absorption characteristics. They are calibrated for reflectance and transmittance at the laser wavelength and angle of incidence specified to insure excellent performance in high power laser applications.

Beamplitter coatings can be specifically designed with transmission values between 10 +/-2% to 90 +/-5%. Standard beamsplitters are designed for random polarization, but can be optimized for horizontal "P" polarization or vertical "S" polarization if required. Beamsplitters are available with or without antireflection coatings.

Excimer Laser Antireflection Coatings

UV antireflection coatings are durable electron-beam deposited dielectrics designed to minimize reflections that normally occur with uncoated surfaces. These low-absorption coatings are ideal for increasing the transmittance properties of lenses and for reducing second-surface reflections of beamsplitters. They offer high resistance to laser damage, making them suitable for high-energy laser usage. Coatings can be applied to customer-supplied material or provided on our substrates and lenses. (Reflectance of uncoated fused silica is 4.8% per surface at 193 nm and 4.1% per surface at 248 nm).

Listed below are standard excimer laser antireflection coatings with specifications and calibration curves for your reference.

Please complete the Request Pricing form to receive a quote on your requirement.

Laser WavelengthLaser Type% R at NI Coating Curve
157nmF2 view curve
193nmArF view curve
248nmKrF view curve
308nmXeCl view curve
353nmXeF view curve
 Link to Acton standard mirror blanks