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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly




The advanced, high-sensitive thermoelectric or liquid nitrogen cooled PI-LCX family of cameras is designed with special front-illuminated CCDs and high-resistance silicon for direct imaging of very low-flux X-rays 20 keV. The Beryllium window design reduces low-energy background and provides worry-free operation, whereas rotatable Conflat flange design provides ultra-high vacuum hard metal seal interface with the ability to image X-ray energy as low as 700 eV. When used with software-programmable, high-capacity or, high-sensitivity amplifier, this system can effectively provide X-ray photon counting with up to 16-bit dynamic range. The thermoelectrically cooled option provides maintenance-free operation, whereas the LN-cooled option delivers extremely low dark current for long exposures.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Direct X-ray Imaging ( 20 keV)
  • Beryllium window {0.010" (250 µm) or 0.020" (500 µm)} to reduce background by filtering low-energy X-rays
  • Provides protection against contamination of CCD
  • Optimized for very low X-ray flux imaging and spectroscopy
  • Rotatable ConFlat® flange (6.0" and 4.5")
  • Mask for output amplifier and shift register
  • Removable Beryllium window option
  • Thermoelectric or liquid nitrogen cooling