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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly


VM Series

Vacuum Monochromators

The Acton VM Series vacuum monochromators from Princeton Instruments offers the highest quality instrumentation available for evacuated operation in the wavelength range below 200nm. Our vacuum monochromators range between 0.2 meters to 1 meter focal lengths and include high-performance Acton Optics coatings, such as the ARC #1200 Al+MgF2 with the highest reflectance available in the industry at 120nm.

These state-of-the-art vacuum monochromators can also be provided for nitrogen purge operation. The Acton VM Series can be integrated into your current system utilized with PI’s complete line of accessories, X-Ray cameras, and light sources. Single entrance/exit or multi-port configurations are standard with single or multiple grating options. See the Acton VM Series data sheet for a full list of available gratings for your specific model of interest .
Features and Benefits
  • High efficiency optical coatings provide 80% reflectance at 200nm
  • Internally welded construction creates a high vacuum environment with no areas for trapped contamination
  • Triple grating turret (VM-504 only) permits grating changes while under vacuum conditions
  • Snap-in, kinematic gratings (VM-502, VM-521) allows easy grating changes
  • Plasma Diagnostics
  • EUV Lithography
  • Transmission/Reflection/Absorption Spectroscopy
  • Light Source Research