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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly

Nisene Technology Group

World leaders in automated decapsulator technology and plastic etching

Nisene Technology Group — formerly B&G International — the world leader in decapsulator technology, offers a comprehensive range of products, methodologies and support services that encompass all IC decapsulation requirements.

Nisene Technology Group is committed to providing innovative, high-quality products which address the changing needs of failure analysis professionals. Our mission is to continue to provide products and services that address the needs of our customers, and to offer fast, precise, reproducible and safe package deprocessing — a goal that can only be met with automated instrumentation.

Jetetch Automated Acid Decapsulator

Nisene Technology Group supports its worldwide customer base with several solutions which aid in failure analysis. The first decapsulation system, with its roots dating to the early 1980s, has undergone a number of enhancements throughout its lineage. Starting with the original "JetEtch" decapsulation system, then progressing through the 250, 350, and D-cap series, the latest automated decapper offered by Nisene Technology Group has come full-circle and been officially re-named the JetEtch.

The JetEtch automated acid decapsulator has been very well received since its introduction in 1999 at SEMICON Test and Packaging Exhibition, Singapore. Some of the features and benefits incorporated into this series of decapsulators, included: 

 Wide range of user selectable acid mix ratios   
 Ability to perform multi-step decapsulation processes
 Vortex etching enabling rapid decapping with minimal acid consumption
 Optimization of acid carrying capacity to maximize vortex etching
 Pulse acid etching 
 Lifetime etch head warranty 
 Interchangable etch head inserts (optional) 
 Pneumo-electric pumping with bi-directional capabilities 
 Smartware waste diverter valving to eliminate potential hazardous waste problems 
 Safety awareness in design, including ease of bottle exchange
 Software compiled in C
 CE certification
 SEMI S-2 compliance

OmniEtch Delayering System

Nisene Technology Group is now pleased to offer the latest and greatest in delayering technologies with its patented method of wet chemistry delivery utilized in our newest product, the OmniEtch delayering system. 

 User selectable Etch Chemistries, Etch Time and Etch Temperature   
 Variable Etch Speed
 IC Sample View Port 
 Minimal Consumption of Etchants
 Double Containment system for all Etchants
 Simple Sample Loading 
 Controlled Etching of Aluminum, Copper, Oxides, and select barrier metals
 Compatible with almost all Acidic and Basic Etch Chemistries 
 Sequential Die Layer Removal
 Proprietary Etchant Carrier Medium — Eliminates Etchant Migration through Vias
 No thermal or mechanical sample damage
 CE and SEMI S-2 Certifications in progress