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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly


The Power of Precision Engineering

Your testing success depends on fast test set-ups. Secure alignment. Accurate, high-fidelity test signals. Correct test temperature. You need high-performance you can depend on. And that means inTEST.

With inTEST, you get a single source for perfectly integrated manipulators, docking, interfaces, and thermal test systems. You get world-class engineering, unmatched experience, and the industry’s best service and support – around the clock, around the world.



Test Head Manipulators Overview


inTEST Universal Test Head Manipulators are designed to securely hold and precisely position test heads weighing up to 1,360 kilograms (3,000 pounds). They are also designed for maximum flexibility, so you can use them with any of your wafer probers and device handlers. Our Floating-Head designs give you six degrees of motion freedom.

inTEST’s fast test set-ups and ease of use help you substantially increase the utilization and efficiency of your test equipment.

  • Quick Changes Mean Quick ROI.
    Other manipulators require as much as 30 minutes or more each time you change a test set-up. With inTEST, your test head is docked in as little as 5 minutes. The result? Lower test cost, fast return on investment, and maximum test floor productivity.

  • Extra Margins of Safety.
    inTEST manipulators are engineered for high stability, with Impulse Loads designed with factors of safety equal to as much as 5 times Rated Load. Compare this to competitive manipulators,whose Impulse Load capability is typically only 2 times Rated Load.

  • Rugged, Durable Design for Long Life, Maximum Uptime.
    inTEST manipulators are manufactured with high-strength aircraft-quality aluminum and steel. Their high-precision bearings are lightly loaded versus design capacity, to ensure ease of movement and extended service life.

  • Manipulators Tailored To Fit Your Need.

Aero 650 Manipulator


Aero Series

The Aero Series provides pneumatic power and control for larger test systems. We asked our customers what they wanted, and the result is a more compliant, easier to dock, and lighter weight universal manipulator.

in2 Manual Manipulator


in2 Series

The free-floating in2 Series provide counter balanced, universal performance in three sizes, for test heads weighing up to 430 kilograms (950 pounds).

M500 Compact Manipulator


M Series

The M Series, including the M400 and M500 manipulators, gives you the speed and convenience of pneumatic power for test heads up to 250 kilograms (550pounds).

Their remarkably compact size makes them a perfect fit for even the busiest test floor.

Docking Products Overview

Docking Systems

inTEST's docking systems are designed to control the electrical and mechanical interface between two pieces of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE). This robust hardware gives you a quick, easy, and safe changeover of ATE test heads to wafer probers or package handlers. In addition to improving your test floor efficiency, inTEST docking hardware also reduces your test cost, by:

  • mproving utilization and increasing the flexibility of your ATE with our Plug Compatible? technology.
  • Improving accuracy and integrity of your test results.
  • Reducing your ATE maintenance costs, by protecting delicate test interface components.

Improve Your Tester Utilization

  • Unique features make docking and undocking faster and more efficient.
  • Repeatability of test set-up improves the accuracy and integrity of your test results.
  • Rugged design and materials reduce downtime for maintenance and repair.
  • When you need additional units of a docking design, inTEST gives you exact duplicates. With inTEST, the docking you want is exactly the docking you’ll get, today and tomorrow.
  • inTEST products provide you with the industry’s best customer service and support, around the world.
 Docking System Components

inTEST's docking systems consist of two principal assemblies and several support assemblies. The two principal assemblies are the docking assembly and the docking gusset assembly.

These are shown below:

Typical 4-point docking assembly for ATE test heads.Typical 4-point docking gusset assembly for handlers and probers.

Test Interface Products Overview


We've Got the Perfect Interface for Your Application…
Centaur SOC 440 Modular Interface

Run your Verigy V93000 Pin Scale test system at full capacity!

The Centaur SOC 440 Modular Interface enables the V93000 to test ultra-high pin count devices while maintaining outstanding signal fidelity.

Centaur Modular Interface

This family of advanced interfaces gives you outstanding signal fidelity.

Their modular design lets you easily and economically upgrade interface performance as your test requirements evolve.

Cabled Wafer Probing Interfaces

Flexible, dependable cable interfaces allow your test resources to be cabled to the wafer prober when your test head isn’t direct docked to the prober.

Direct Dock Wafer Probing Interfaces

High performance interfaces for today’s most demanding test requirements.

You can select from a full range of designs, compatible with all modern wafer probers, whether they are top loading or use automatic probe card changers.

Custom Wafer Probing Interfaces and Accessories

inTEST Silicon Valley offers you a fully staffed, expert design group to provide virtually any custom interface your test requires.