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Sydor Instruments is a comprehensive diagnostics solutions provider. We provide our customers with custom diagnostics and ultrafast imaging systems for a variety of applications in science and industry. We specialize in streak cameras and single photon detectors where the highest resolution and accuracy is required.At Sydor Instruments, we're all about diagnostics.  From the company that launched the world class ROSS streak camera, Sydor now delivers the best in single photon counting cameras, image intensifiers, photomultipliers, and detectors for space, energy, and life sciences.  We enthusiastically collaborate with our customers to deliver the best systems for low light and ultrafast imaging.

From x-ray to IR and femtosecond to microsecond our products can detect photons across the entire time spectrum like never before.  Ready for new diagnostics?  Get ready for Sydor - diagnostics delivered.

Product Index:

n           Streak Camera Systems

n           Vacuum X-Ray CCD Camera

n           Laser Sources 

n           Femtosecond Autocorrelators


Streak Camera Systems

The Sydor ROSS streak camera system is a stand-alone, remotely operated streak camera with comprehensive auto-focus and self-calibration capability. It is a flexible, modular experimental data collection system that requires minimal personnel to operate, acquire data and calibrate. Furthermore, it is capable of accepting a variety of streak tubes.



Sydor ROSS 2550          Download 2550 camera data sheet     

Sydor ROSS 5100          Download 5100 camera data sheet

Sydor ROSS 8200          Download 8200 camera data sheet

Sydor ROSS 8600          Download 8600 X-Ray camera data sheet




Vacuum X-Ray CCD Camera

The Sydor X-Ray CCD is a compact camera designed to operate in a vacuum environment.  The camera utilizes a 16MP sensor with 9 micron pixels for the highest resolution in the most demanding scientific applications.  With flexible binning, readouts and sensitivity from x-ray/uv, to optical wavelengths, the Sydor x-ray camera is capable of performing in many different applications such as plasma physics, deep UV lithography, x-ray microscopy, and x-ray spectroscopy.  The configuration can also be customized to your unique application.


Download Vacuum X-Ray Camera data sheet



Laser Sources

8 GHz Comb Generator

Sydor Instruments provides ultrafast solid state laser sources for use in a variety of diagnostic applications in energetics, detonics, and radiography. Sydor's laser sources are ideally suited for use with our portfolio of imaging detectors and ultrafast recording systems.  We can design and build custom configurations that are tailored to your unique application.

Our compact, VCSEL optical comb generator delivers UV, Visible, or IR pulses on the order of several GHz for the most demanding applications.  It is ideal for accurate, time base calibration of electro-optic instrumentation, sensors, detectors, and streak cameras. 


 Download Comb Generator data sheet


Laser Pulse

The LPG-1 laser pulse generater is designed for time resolved diagnostics of photomultipliers and image intensifiers. The LPG-1 can test both the time response of high speed photomultipliers and the gating speed of image intensifiers. The LPG-1 features a lens control which allows the beam to be de-focussed and spread across the detector area and a variable width control for pulse widths between 50 ps to 800 ps. 


 Download Laser Pulser data sheet



Femtosecond Autocorrelators

Sydor Instruments offers several custom diagnostic solutions for measuring femtosecond pulses in a variety of ultrafast applications. For single shot events down to 500 femtoseconds, a time expanded single shot autocorrelator is the instrument of choice. For multiple overlapping pulses of a single wavelength down to 200 femtoseconds, a crystal scanning autocorrelator will do the job. For multiple wavelengths from tunable lasers, an all-reflective broadband scanning autocorrelator will cover the entire spectrum in a simple, compact package.  

  • Time Expanded Single Shot Autocorrelator
  • Crystal Scanning Autocorrelator
  • Broadband Scanning Autocorrelator