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Wafer Fabication

IC Assembly


Rapid Reactive Radicals Technology GmbH (R3T) is a leading supplier of Remote Plasma Microwave Radical Generators for semiconductor manufacturing equipment. R3T develops and supplies outstanding compact designed sources for generation of highly reactive radicals used for dry chemical processes.  

Established in Munich, Germany since 1998, R3T continues to concentrate on highest quality and reliability of its core technology and products to develop and maintain its leadership in the field of Remote Plasma Microwave Radical Generators. Essentially use of R3T’s Radical Generators is the high end semiconductor technology.     

Plasma Etcher STP 2020

n          R3T’s Remote Plasma Source inside

n          Water cooled plasma zone

n          Very low thermal load for the substrates

n          Optimized for SU-8 ashing and  silicon etching (e. g. MEMS applicatons)

n          Etch rates:More than 20 μm/min for SU-8 samplesUp to 90 μm/min for silicon samples

n          Temperature control up to 120 °C

n          Substrate size up to 460 mm x 460 mm

n          Field proven

n          High Environmental Compliance 


n          High etch rate i. e. more than 200 μm/h on large areas

n          (e. g. batch of 9 x 6“ wafers) independent of thickness; more than 20 μm/min for small samples

n          Etch rates nearly independent of pretreatment as hard bake conditions: differences in etch rate smaller than

n          10 % between no HB and 200 °C HB

n          Stripping of very thick resist layers (> 1 mm) possible

n          Pure chemical etching: No damage by ions, heat impact only by reaction energy

n          No attack to metals like Ni, Ni/Fe, Au, Cu etc.

n          Only very slight attack to Si and Si compounds as SiO2 or Si3N4

n          No organic residues; inorganic residues removable by additional cleaning step

n          Simultaneous etching of substrates with different resist thicknesses possible

n          End point detection for each individual substrate 


■ Compact design, dimensions, w x d x h: 800 mm x 800 mm x 1950 mm

■ Plasma chamber, inner w x d x h: 500 mm x 500 mm x 400 mm (e.g. 9 x 6“ wafers)

■ Pulse mode possible

■ Max. Power: 2000 W / 3000 W

■ Pressure range: 40 Pa – 530 Pa respective 0.3 Torr – 4.0 Torr

■ Excitation frequency: 2.46 GHz +/- 10 MHz 

Also available:

■ Commissioning Processing

■ Customer tailored process development

■ Equipment on loan


Application: Stripping of thick and barely removable resists like SU-8


Small gears after resist removal 



Producers of micromechanical parts - e.g. the watch industry – increasingly use processes, which are based on photolithography and galvanic deposition (so called “LIGA” process). For building up several hundred microns high vertical structures, SU-8 resist is an outstanding material which is based on Epoxy. At the same time however this material has the disadvantage of being unremovable by wet chemicals without attacking the new built up metal structures. Commercially available plasma tools are unable as well to solve the remove problem.

With the R3T STP 2020 stripping tool it is possible to get etch rates of 20 µm/min for the SU-8 independent of hard bake temperature. Using batch mode to strip several 6” wafers simultaneously, rates of 200 µm/h are reached without attacking the metal structures and without damage by overheating. Thus for first time a technique is available which allows the reliable and efficient remove of SU-8 resist and extends strongly the possible fields of applications for SU-8.